Computational Science & Engineering (CSE)

McGill University

Interested in learning about computer simulations?
Are you enrolling or enrolled in a masters program at McGill?
Do you want to enhance your chances for an interesting job?

Then the new CSE program at McGill could be for you!

CSE Wordwide
Many of the best universities around the world like Stanford, Oxford, Princeton, Austin/Texas, NYU, KTH, ETH have introduced special programs to train graduate students in CSE. Now McGill also has such a program in the departments of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS), Computer Science (CS), Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Mathematics and Statistics (MATH), and Mechanical Engineering (ME).

What is Computational Science and Engineering (CSE)?
CSE is a rapidly growing multidisciplinary area with connections to the sciences, engineering, mathematics and computer science. CSE focuses on the development of problem-solving methodologies and robust tools for the solution of scientific and engineering problems. We believe that CSE will play an important if not dominating role for the future of the scientific discovery process and engineering design. Computation is now regarded as an equal and indispensable partner, along with theory and experiment, in the advance of scientific knowledge and engineering practice. Numerical simulation enables the study of complex systems and natural phenomena that would be too expensive or dangerous, or even impossible, to study by direct experimentation. The quest for ever higher levels of detail and realism in such simulations requires enormous computational capacity, and has provided the impetus for dramatic breakthroughs in computer algorithms and architectures. Due to these advances, computational scientists and engineers can now solve large-scale problems that were once thought intractable.

CSE Seminar @ McGill
We run a (usually) biweekly CSE seminar on Fridays 2:30-3:30pm, which brings together experts (and experts to-be!) from different areas of scientific computing and applications. Speakers are encouraged to prepare their presentation for a broad audience, including engineers from different disciplines, computer scientists, and applied mathematicians.

If you are interested, take a look at the calender in the sections AOS, CS, ECE, MATH, ME, contact directly the CSE representative in your department, or come to one of our CSE seminars to meet us!

AOS: Peter Bartello
CS: Xiao-Wen Chang
ECE: Dennis Giannacopoulos
MATH: Thomas Wihler
ME: Luca Cortelezzi

Last updated: September 2006