McGill Computational Science & Engineering (CSE)
McGill University

Are you involved in computations for real applications and would you like to learn about the latest techniques?
Are you developing new methods and would you be interested in finding applications?
Are you new in this area and would you like to get a feeling for this exciting field of research?
Are you tired of seminars where you don't understand a word a few minutes into the talk?

Then, come to our CSE Seminar @ McGill:
On Friday 2:30-3:25 pm
Burnside Hall, Room 1205

The goal of our CSE seminar is to bring together experts (and experts to-be!) from different areas of scientific computing and applications. Speakers are encouraged to prepare their presentation for a broad audience, including engineers from different disciplines, computer scientists, and applied mathematicians.

Current program (Winter 2008)
Previous programs: fall/winter 2007/2008, fall/winter 2006/2007, fall/winter 2005/2006, fall/winter 2004/2005, winter 2004, fall 2003, winter 2003, fall 2002, winter 2002, fall 2001, winter 2001, fall 2000, winter 2000, fall 1999.

Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact one of our CSE representatives!

AOS: Peter Bartello
CS: Xiao-Wen Chang,
ECE: Dennis Giannacopoulos
MATH: Thomas Wihler
ME: Luca Cortelezzi

Last updated: September 2006